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The Raw and Refined Sculpture of Chuck Iffland

My current work explores the psychological nature of the human condition via human form and architectural juxtapositions. I view the art-making process through an expressive, archeological/historical and situational(place) lens.

I usually start with carved, molded or cast cores done in the automatic tradition and under the shadow of an idea or an emotion that dominates a current state of being (in both a collective and individual sense). I use locally found materials, ie., stone, wood, or cast earth / concrete. I then construct homes/houses/shelters/cages for the artifacts. I carve or cast again using local materials to en-bed the place in the work.

My current lines of inquiry have to do with the forgotten, shelter, abandonment, and fear. In the past my work has explored monuments, cages, ancestors, technotopia, violence, lost children, icons, religion, modern/primitive, nature versus urban, and borders.

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