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Archaeologies of the Extraordinary Everyday-Anne Grgich by Colin Rhodes

The Ornamentalist 2009 by Anne Marie Grgich

Bird Woman 2010 by Anne Marie Grgich Collection of Joanne Soja NY

"Yet the simplicity of this overall representational superstructure is a necessary organising device for the complexity of the interdependent units that constitute the physical object that is the work."  Text from Archaeologies of the Extraordinary Everyday, The University of Sydney Art Gallery, 4 October to 13 December 2009 by Colin Rhodes" See full article

      Crown Yourself 2002 by Anne Marie Grgich MM on Canvas

About Colin Rhodes  Rhodes is Director of STOARC (the Self-Taught and Outsider Art Research Collection), which is based at the University of Sydney. STOARC consists of a growing study collection of Australian and international Self-Taught and Outsider Art, the International Journal of Self-taught and Outsider Art, and Callan Park Gallery, which has a rich public program of exhibitions of established and emerging figures within the field.

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