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Skate Bowls of Ian McMartin

Hand Carved-Recycled Wood Skateboard Bowls by Ian McMartin 2011

I challenge the hierarchy of materials by empowering the worthless. I turn to art because it too can challenge standards and hierarchy and alter function. I transform refuse and the unnoticed into art in order to give it a place in this world. These bowls were carved from discarded skateboard decks, multiple layers glued together and then carved by hand. The hand shows through in the organic form and irregular contours in contrast to the even layers of colorful machine made plywood. The qualities of machine production are a consequence of using refuse and the qualities of the hand made are a product of the creation of an art object. I want my art to draw attention to the handmade and the unnoticed.

Photography by McMartin

Photography is commonly used to capture what would fearfully become the forgotten. I use photography to capture the unnoticed, the mundane and the simple. I use a Minox camera with 8x11mm negatives. The sub-miniature camera allows me to photograph without intruding on the everyday. My camera has become an extension of my body, always in my pocket.

When it rains it pours, McMartin by Dave Hupp March 2011

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