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The Collage Work of Kurtiss Lofstrom

The Thread of Eternity Disappears Just Over Her Shoulder (aka Dam Development) 45 x 54" Kurtiss Lofstrom 2011

Kurtiss Lofstrom 2011

Lofstrom’s work is concerned with the formal elements of color and pattern. Through a technique of hand-tearing the found papers he uses in his collages are stripped of original context and brought down to their bare, physical characteristics; any portion of recognizable imagery remaining becoming more of a shade or emotive color than an explicit narrative expression. This abstraction of the familiar in Lofstrom’s work elicits fragments of experience and things half remembered to create a nostalgia for an experience yet to be had. Caitlin Moore – Administrative/Co-Director, Gallery Homeland, Portland , OR.

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