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Greg Carrigan Wood Carvings

"Alex" Drag Queen Stewardess, 2011 Wood Carving and Paint by Greg Carrigan

I put a bird on it... 2011 by Greg Carrigan
Greg Carrigan is inspired by the Kienholtz's, Tom of Finland, and Pierre N. Giles. He is a collagist and painter. Finding found objects is his big obsession. 

Recently,  he discovered a love of wood carving and adds touches of assemblage and paint.

Carrigan is a 60 year old gay man who has been a working artist for over 30 years. He carves disco heads,  male nudes,  drag queens and iconic figures that reflect gay culture and everyday life - bringing a whole new theme and disco vibe to wood carving. You can find Carrigan in his studio carving lumber jacks, fishermen, navy men, and gods like Mercury and Neptune. AMG 2011

Mercury MM Assemblage by Greg Carrigan

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