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Robert Collison’s life-like cardboard Wild African Dogs

"My name's Robert Collison. I've been Anne Grigich's friend since 1982-- young art punks in Portland, Oregon. We'd spend whole days rummaging & rampaging through the downtown blocks, acting it out on Super-8, only to find the camera never had any film. We studied art and made art and encountered a pile of trash on the street and had an epiphany it was "true" art. The Day We Met Collage God. I moved to San Francisco in 1985 and Anne lived down here then and we've stayed close over the years. Along the way she's always pushed me to show my work, even today. These pictures I've worked on since 2002. These things are all about finding bits of things at random, re-combining them and just letting them find their own natural flow. I enjoy making this stuff, picking up things off the ground, gluing, etc. once I get into it I can't stop--that's honestly the only reason I do it. Compulsive behavior." -RC 2007

Robert Collison’s life-like cardboard Wild African Dogs 2008


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